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Parking lot pavingis critical to commercial property. When visitors first arrive at your business, the parking lot is the first thing they see, and it can make or break their experience on your commercial property. Both customers and employees need to feel secure when arriving and parking. They should be able to see your pride in your business before they even get there!

But how do you get that smooth, safe asphalt parking lot? Here’s five factors for the perfect parking lot.

1. A Trusted Local Paving Company

To get a commercial parking lot that’s tailored to your local property, you need professional parking lot paving services from a trusted local paving company. In Tacoma WA, Rainier Asphalt & Concrete is that trusted paving company. A local company will understand how the weather affects pavement and be trained in local municipal codes. Experience in the local area also means other satisfied customers who can vouch for their quality paving work.

2. A Stable Pavement Base

For a parking lot that will last for decades, you need to start with a gravel aggregate base that is properly graded and compacted to support the pavement above it. An experienced paving company will have engineers who can design asphalt solutions that meet the needs of the client. For example, a high traffic commercial parking lot or an industrial loading zone with heavy trucks needs a thick gravel base, while an asphalt walkway might not.

3. Quality Asphalt Paving

The top asphalt layer is also vital for a durable and safe parking lot. Commercial property owners need to trust that their local paving company will use custom mixed asphalt with the proper ratio of high quality liquid asphalt and the right size of aggregates to create an asphalt layer that will stand up to vehicle traffic.

4. Finishing Services

A parking lot is so much more than just asphalt. Concrete curbs, gutters, and aprons add stability to asphalt pavement and beauty to a commercial lot. Professional pavement markings and line striping create ADA compliant parking spaces and traffic lanes to help visitors safely navigate pavement.

5. Ongoing Parking Lot Maintenance

Tacoma Parking Lot Paving

Quality parking lot paving doesn’t end with installation, either. A reputable local paving company will work with you to create a custom ongoing maintenance plan that keeps your asphalt lot free of debris and damage and lengthens it’s lifespan by years. Parking lot maintenance services include things like a sealcoating that replenishes lost oils and protects against wear, repainting parking lot striping, or professional pavement cleaning.

Tacoma WA’s Parking Lot Paving Experts

Rainier Asphalt & Concrete has the expertise to create a custom parking lot design to meet the needs of your Tacoma area business. Contact us today for more information and a free estimate on parking lot paving services in Tacoma WA.