Utility Division Project Manager Job Description

Utility Division Project Manager Job description (updated 9/5/19)

How to apply:
www.rainierasphalt.com/careers (attach a resume in the final field) or click link at bottom of this page
Salary range: $85,000 – $110,000, depending on experience

Tom Merry, Owner (merry@rainierasphalt.com)

Summary of Responsibilities
Rainier Asphalt & Concrete seeks a qualified Project Manager for its Utility Restoration Division at its North Bend location. This division performs asphalt and concrete restoration for public and private utility companies that are installing or upgrading infrastructure, typically in the public Right-Of-Way (ROW).

Prerequisites include experience collaborating with ROW inspectors, understanding traffic control setups and concepts, understanding of asphalt and concrete disciplines and, ideally, experience working in the Seattle Metro corridor.

This position is being created not because of a vacancy, but because of rapid growth in our business. The position requires the ability to effectively communicate with both our internal crews and our customers. Strong written and verbal skills are imperative, along with the ability to anticipate and troubleshoot problems quickly. Occasional weekend work is required, especially in the peak summer season.

The salary range for this position is $85,000-$110,000 annually. We offer comprehensive benefits, including medical, dental, 401(k), paid time off and a one-of-a-kind Profit Sharing Incentive Program. Current expected annualized profit sharing payout range for this position is between $6,370 and $27,360 depending on individual and company performance.

The Utility Project Manager position reports to, and collaborates with, the Utility Division Manager. There are also Superintendents and Foremen involved with the day-to-day operations who concentrate on training, coaching and project oversight. The Utility Project Manager must be able to partner with these other roles for the effective orchestration of the work. There is no sales or estimating involved with the Utility Project Manager position. This position may occasionally manage other projects outside of the utility division as the ebbs and flows of the business demand, but will involve the same disciplines (asphalt and concrete).

Additional skills necessary include managing customer expectations, overseeing quality, and communicating with the Superintendent and field staff to execute the projects properly and efficiently. The candidate must be fair and accountable to customers, employees and vendors.

Our company makes a strong emphasis on utilizing technology to make us more productive. Candidates must be savvy with computers, software, smart phones, etc. and be willing to continually learn and adapt to new technologies.

Our company values guide everything we do, and the candidate must be able to adhere to our company culture. Our values are as follows:

Safety: The first priority every day is that each employee and others we encounter can go home safely. We aim to provide the necessary equipment, training and resources to make this possible.

Integrity: The Golden Rule guides our dealings with customers, employees, vendors and the general public. We value honesty, fairness and accountability.

Drive: Individually and collectively, we have an insatiable appetite for continuous improvement day after day and year after year. No matter how good we are today, we can always be better tomorrow.

Consistency: We are committed to gaining the trust of customers, employees and vendors by adhering to our procedures every day and consistently managing and exceeding expectations.

Quality: The best job is one done efficiently and right the first time. We take pride knowing we go home with a sense of accomplishment and always seek repeat customers and referrals as evidence of a job well done.

People: Our teamwork environment is one where people are treated with dignity and always have the opportunity to be heard. We strive to be a destination for employees by offering a rewarding place to work with opportunities for career advancement.

About the Company

Rainier Asphalt & Concrete has 70 employees, and performs around 1,500 individual projects totaling approximately $13 million annually. We provides various services, including: hot mix asphalt patching and paving; asphalt seal coating; striping; curbing; concrete flatwork; crack filling; drainage. A typical project lasts from a few hours to about a week. Some projects will be performed in phases as we schedule the various disciplines. Our customers include property managers, public agencies and private utilities. By design, we do not work for homeowners and general contractors on a limited basis only. Our service area covers King, Pierce, Snohomish, Thurston, Kitsap and Kittitas counties. The company is operational and busy year-round, and is much less seasonal than many competitors in this industry.